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Liubava Hotel is located on the shores of the Black Sea in the village of Magri, a quiet comfortable corner of nature located between the cities of Tuapse and Lazarevskoye.

The place is perfect for a relaxing family vacation, a gently sloping rocky-sandy beach makes swimming with young children ideal.

At the hotel there are: 2 swimming pools (adult and children), pool, sauna, BBQ, dining room, kitchen for self catering, parking for cars.

Гостиница "Любава" поселок Магри

Rest in Magri - a family оvacation without intermediaries.

Magri village - on the Black Sea is part of the Greater Sochi, a quiet place for a relaxing holiday on the Black Sea. Magri is the beginning of the subtropics. Want to have a stable Black Sea tan, swim with the children of the sea and spend their holidays in peace and quiet - come to Магри!
One local legend says that on the beach, there is now the village Magri, was built cottage with a garden of subtropical plants. Owner of country-cottage brought his wife and children. Title - Magri - suggested it is the children, taking part of the names of his parents Mary and Gregory.
"Velvet" season in Magri was in September, at this time rest in Lazarevskom area is great! Magri is near the village of Lazarevskoye. Silence, quiet holiday, a wonderful vacation with children - highlights from all Magri Lazarevsky district of Greater Sochi. Summer in the Lazarev area ideal for relaxing. Sochi - it is the most southern Russian resorts. Sochi is the only Russian region with a subtropical climate. The composition of Sochi is a lot of resort towns, which consists of four main regions: Central, Hostinsky, Lazarev and Adler. Lazarevskoye - Krasnodar region Sochi.
Hotel Lubava - rest on the Black Sea at affordable prices.
In Lazarevskoe area is a hill Fisht, where one of the legends was chained Titan Prometheus who gave fire to people.
Plan your vacation on the Black Sea in the hotel Liubava without intermediaries!
This is the official site of hotel Liubava on this site you can order and clarify the most current prices. Liubava Hotel offers everyone a quiet relaxing holiday without noisy discos and night cafe. Holidays for the whole family - this is hotel Liubava.
Liubava has an excellent geographical location. This hotel will appeal to all guests. Rest in villages on the Black Sea is democratic in terms of price. You can see looking at prices of 2011 without any intermediaries.
Holiday on the Black Sea is perfect for couples with children. Choose hotel Liubava You can visit the Black Sea with the children and get a lot of fun. On the territory of Lubava is a children's pool and swings. Also in the 150 meters is a children's playground. Liubava Hotel is pleased to offer you our services! We are interested in feedback, please, leave your feedback about the Hotel Liubava on our site. Express their wishes and suggestions.

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