Hotel Lyubava in Magri

3-8 Bratskaya Street, Magri Village, Lazarevskiy District, Krasnodarsiy Region, Russia
гостиница Любава, пос. Магри, на электричке By local train: go to railway station Shepsi (about 3.5 hours from Krasnodar/ 2 hours from Sochi). Then by taxi (tel. +7-918-1050105) to village Magri (about 200 rub).

гостиница Любава, пос. Магри, на авто By car: direction to Dzhubga – Tuapse – Sochi. After Tuapse town you will see Dederkoi, Shepsi then at 4 km – Magri. Turn right near bus station (this is Bratskaya st.). Hotel is situated on the left, it is building with red roof and black gate.
гостиница Любава, пос. Магри, координаты GPS GPS: 39.158916, 44.020837
39°9’32.098” N. 44°1’15.013” E.

WARNING! If you near Highway Patrol (ДПС) then you've missed the turn to Magri. If you can't find us call to telephon number +7-918-0027911 - we will help you!

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